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Warm Springs Law Group is a small, boutique law firm located in Henderson, Nevada serving Courts in the greater Las Vegas area of Southern Nevada.   We believe in long term relationships of trust and understanding, and many of our clients are repeat clients.  Our focus is quality over quantity.  Divorces and civil lawsuits can be intense undertakings involving private details of people’s lives, so we believe in having a good fit between attorney and client.

At Warms Springs Law Group, you will be greeted by our friendly staff.  During your initial call, you will not speak to an attorney but will answer questions providing basic information such as case type, parties (for our conflict checks) which we will screen.  At the initial screening you will be advised if we will accept your case for a consultation.  We charge $125.00 for most consultations for one hour of time and document review, and $75.00 for simple collections consultation.  We charge $250.00 for consultations requiring intensive document review, such as education law and/or special education law.

You will be asked to provide payment and documents ahead of time.  This allows our attorneys to review the case facts and relevant law ahead of time, to be prepared to discuss your potential case and ask you meaningful questions.  We do not spend an hour of consultation time talking about ourselves – we talk about you, your desired outcomes and the challenges you are facing.

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We are located in the Augusta Plaza located at 1489 West Warm Springs Road, Suite 110, Henderson, NV 89014.  Please be sure to enter Henderson and not Las Vegas on your GPS device!

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Call the lawyers at Warm Springs Law Group today! We welcome the opportunity to discuss your legal matter with you. Call us at 702-966-8270 or use our Email Form to tell us about your legal issue.

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