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Warm Springs Law Group is a small, boutique law firm located in Henderson, Nevada serving Courts in the greater Las Vegas area of Southern Nevada.


During your visit to our web site, we use a third party to collect a variety of personal information about you and your visit and to analyze and report web site traffic data.  We use multiple methods to track web site visitors and provide data, statistics and reports.  Additionally, we collect computer information including IP addresses and any personal information that you provide on feedback, comment or email forms.  Also, if you contact us by telephone, we may collect personal information such as your telephone number, name, address and legal issue.


The sending and receiving of email is not secure and can be intercepted by unauthorized third parties.  Additionally, any information that you provide to us may be accessible to others, including unauthorized third parties.  Therefore, we cannot be responsible for any unauthorized use of any information that we collect.  Do not include sensitive information in your email that you want to remain confidential between you and your attorney.


We Are Committed To Our Clients’ Best Interest

The partners of Warm Springs Law Group are committed to providing legal services with a realistic assessment of the client’s legal matters. We give our clients a realistic idea of their options, and the benefits and consequences of each option.


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