Child Support

In Nevada child support is governed by NRS 125B. Child support is based on a person’s gross monthly income and the formula is 18% for one child, 25% for two children , 29% for 3 children and 31% for four children. The statutory minimum is $100 a month and there are graduated caps depending on the payor’s monthly income. When both parents share physical custody then child support is based on the Wright v. Osburn formula. The are reasons for increasing or decreasing child support such as if the payor has additional children under the age of 18 or if the custodial parent has medical, daycare or other expenses.

The cost of daycare, health insurance, transportation, other children, the child’s special needs and other reasons can be used to increase or decrease child support.

We recommend to our clients that child support be paid through the Clark County District Attorney’s office. The child support comes directly out of the payor’s paycheck, is paid to the District Attorney’s office who then deposits the money onto a debit card for the parent.This eliminates misunderstandings between the parents concerning the payment of child support and they can concentrate on what is important, raising their child.

Child support can be reviewed and modified every three years or earlier if the obligor’s income changes by more than 20%. As with any order regarding children, the court must make a finding that any change in child support is in the child’s best interest.