Traffic Tickets

Sep 22

I recently handled traffic tickets for two friends in two different jurisdictions with different results. One jurisdiction required that  I make a personal appearance and the client was able to buy his way out of traffic school. In the other jurisdiction the matter was handled by fax and the client had to attend traffic school online, he couldn’t buy his way out of traffic school. Other jurisdictions allow for an adjudication by fax and buying your way out of traffic school. It is rare to get a reduced fine anymore. In the Las Vegas Valley there are at least 10 jurisdictions that deal with traffic tickets. Each city has a municipal court and a township justice court. Then there is the southern end of the county, north on the 15 and then north on the 93. When clients come to me with tickets I always check to see if the court the officer has assigned the ticket to is the proper jurisdiction. I have had tickets dismissed because officer who wrote the ticket sent the ticket to the wrong jurisdiction. It’s rare but it happens. If you have questions about traffic tickets or any other legal matter please contact me.