Credit Report

Dec 30

We have gotten some calls recently about issues with credit history. Some folks have discovered judgments on their credit history and others have discovered different people on their credit report and thus been the victims of identity theft.

When people discover judgments there are a few things we can do about them. When clients come in we will ask them several questions such as are they the proper defendant, did they know about the law suit, were they served, this judgment among others. Their answers will help us decide what our client’s options are concerning the underlying judgment and how to deal with the credit reporting agencies.

When people find some one else listed on their credit report we will ask the client questions such as do they know the other person, when did they first learn of the other person, what steps have they taken to correct their credit history among others. Again the client’s answers will help us decide how to deal with the person who should not be on the credit report, the entity making the report and the credit reporting agencies, including Equifax.

The initial document we need is a copy of the client’s recent credit report. That will help us determine what steps are needed to begin correcting the client’s credit history.